Children’s Book Writing Services

Children’s Book Writing Services offers high quality writing services for a reasonable price. Since 2002, I have provided superior service to my clients, and have assisted them in achieving their goals of writing for children. Below you will find a more detailed description of the writing and mentoring services that I have to offer you.

“The best criticism, I’ve found, is that which quickly zeroes in on a writer’s weaknesses, yet is supportively positive. With her keen perception and sensitivity, combined with an understanding of what an author is trying to accomplish, I’ve found Marya Jansen-Gruber’s feedback to be beyond excellent. Discovering avenues to explore in my work that I hadn’t even seen, her critiques have quickly helped open the doors of agents and publishers” —Dan Bessie, France

Manuscript Evaluations

I love evaluating people’s work because it gives me the opportunity to help people pursue a dream – to tell a story. I know that every story I am sent is the result of a lot of work and soul searching, and each one is precious to its creator. You can count on me to give you an honest and sensitive assessment of your work.

My children’s story evaluations include an assessment of the following:

  • Character assessment – I will determine if the characters in your story written for children are credible, well rounded, and if they develop in a meaningful way.
  • Evaluation of the plot as a whole – I will look at the story to see if the story is interesting and entertaining.
  • Evaluation of the plot development – I will determine if the plot develops in a way that is convincing and interesting.
  • Evaluation as to whether the pace of the book works – I will look at the pace of the story and let you know if it is too slow, or if too much is left out.
  • Evaluation of the cohesiveness of the story – I will determine if the various components of the story come together.
  • Evaluation of the structure of the story – I will look at the length of the chapters and other features.
  • Evaluation of the writing style – I will determine if the writing style used compliments the story.
  • Evaluation of the dialogue (if any) – I will look at the dialogue and determine if it is convincing and well crafted.

And your Manuscript Evaluation may also include suggestions on how to:

  • Make the characters memorable and credible
  • Tighten up the structure so that it flows well from start to finish
  • Make the plot one that will capture the interest of the reader and one that is both believable and understandable


Many people have stories in their heads, or in a notebook, and they want to write the story down, but they don’t know how to go about it. I can help writers develop, plan out, and then write their story. The writer sets the pace of the work, and I am available to answer questions and solve problems throughout the process. If you have already written a book and are struggling with a rewrite, I will help you with this process, guiding you to find and solve problems that exist in your writing.


If you find that you are having trouble with your writing, Children’s Book Writing Services is here to help you get on the right track. I have four programs to help writers develop their skills. These are:

  • One Month Program: Four lessons will be created just for you that will address concerns that you have, one every week, for the writer to complete. Each lesson will be submitted to the editor for evaluation and recommendations.
  • Two Month Program: Eight lessons will be set, one every week, for the writer to complete. Each lesson will be submitted to the editor for evaluation and recommendations.
  • Three Month Program: Twelve lessons will be set, one every week, for the writer to complete. Each lesson will then be submitted to the editor for evaluation and recommendations.
  • Special Program: For those who are looking for something specific, the editor would be glad to discuss creating a special program for you to meet your needs and your time restraints


If you have a story that you long to see in print but do not have the inclination or the time to write it yourself, I can help. All you need to do is to send me an outline of the story, or a description, and you can leave the rest to me. You can input as much or as little as you like into the writing process.

Editing manuscripts (line-by-line), query letters, and website text

Editing your own writing is never easy. You are often so close to the writing that you miss small things like typing mistakes, poor English, and format problems. I can help you make your writing clean and ready to use.

Evaluating Artwork

I will evaluate submitted art to see if it compliments the manuscript and if the pages are set up to work with the text. I can help you to create a dummy and edit the text in such a way that it flows easily from page to page, complimenting the art in the best possible way. This service is particularly helpful for people who want to self publish a print or digital picture book.

“Two years ago I started writing a children’s picture book, as part of an assignment that I had to do for a school project. I loved the message in the book so I decided to continue working on it. Of course, I had no experience with the editing process. So I sent my book out for editing more than six or seven times and spent a lot of money – with no results. Nobody was able to understand me, and understand what I needed to do. I was not happy with any of the services I received. I got to the point when I started to give up on finding someone who could give me what I was looking for. I found Marya’s name online, I read the testimonials about her, and decided to give it a shot, although I thought I would be wasting more money. Marya AMAZED me with her professionalism and unbelievable care. Marya worked on my book as if it was her own. Marya went out of her way to help me out. She gave me a very valuable ideas, she even contacted a friend of hers trying to help me publish my book. Marya proved to me that we still have good people in this world. Her passion touched me deeply, and I wish I could tell the whole world about Marya and what a wonderful and professional person she is. Marya fixed everything in my manuscript as if she read my mind and knew what I wanted. Thank you Marya for everything, you deserve all the best.” —Rania Malouf

The editor does not promise that a publisher will accept a manuscript for publication, but she does promise to provide the author with an honest, supportive, and clear assessment of his or her work, offering suggestions on how to improve the work as well as pointing out its weaknesses.