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Through the Looking Glass Children’s Writing Services
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As a beginner children’s writer with many questions and concerns, Marya Jansen-Gruber was there to help. When I submit my manuscripts, they are returned quickly with valuable information about ways to improve the context, strengthen the characters and make the story run more smoothly. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in many areas and has gone out of her way to assist. You will not be disappointed. It is like working with a friend and her suggestions and improvements are right on the money.” —Patricia Brazzell, Nashville USA

“I can’t speak highly enough about the evaluation services you provide through To a writer, there is nothing more personal than allowing someone, a stranger no less, to read their raw manuscript. Your evaluation process, however, was not only incredibly helpful but was an enjoyable process. Your review provided entirely new insights to my manuscript I had not previously thought about and considerations that are important to publishers. Writing good children’s stories is one thing, writing children’s stories that will gain the interest of a major publishing house is another. Your evaluation transformed my children’s story from a cute and informative tale to a much improved piece that now includes the details that make it a much more informative and marketable book for publishing companies. Last, but certainly not least, you were great to work with. Your responses were always very timely and your comments were well thought out and always constructive for the improvement of my story. My children’s book is a much better product because of your evaluation, attention, and constructive comments. Thank you so much and I hope we have the opportunity to work again in the future.”
—Earl Hicks, Maryland USA (